Tesser Health

I’m a strong believer in companies who seek to address important problems who are led by talented teams. That is why I’m happy to share that I started working with the Tesser Health team again. Our relationship goes back to 2013 when I met the founders to 2015 when I interned for another startup they were doing that got acquired.

Tesser Health is a doing a good job as they address the drug price problems for the enterprise using a SaaS model supported by predictive analytics and behavioral science. They have nearly 1 million lives and 70+ employers on their platform. Tesser’s approach to the market is to aim at enterprises who are self-insured and use our software to lower pharmacy costs and improve outcomes through machine learning algorithms.

The co-founders are probably three of the most underrated tech entrepreneurs I know in the Miami community. They have a long-term focus and typically build startups on complicated important problems. They are low profile and in my opinion, don’t comment on the work they do enough. Through my role, I work with the Product Owner to manage the development of our software product Tesser Rx and support the data-driven marketing efforts for what we do.

As an early admirer of Tesser and returning team member, I’m excited to see how far they go in building another company. This time, as an Associate I seek to continue helping us manage our product to build the right features and use data analytics to make the best decisions. It’s an exciting time to be in this space and I’m happy to join the team.

Ad Astra!