Hi, I’m Gregory. I started DataGovs to build better data governance on the cloud for IoT & AI.

Gregory Johnson is a Technologist and Operator based in Miami with 10-years of experience. He leads and started DataGovs, a data governance software company. He started it after CIOs cross-sector in data discussions that led to results like the data sharing in Miami-Dade County and City of Miami. He formed the company after spending time at Stanford University as a remote JSK Fellow doing research on public budgetary governance.

Greg’s passion is upgrading data infrastructure for the public and private sectors to operate in the 21st century through data governance. His work has helped teams build SaaS and PaaS products and Open Source Development programs growing revenue from 0-7 figures. Born to a Jamaican family in the Caribbean, he grew up in Miami and is a first-generation graduate from Florida International University. From 2019 to 2020 he worked at Microsoft CSR and Cities team helping 70+ orgs adopt or create cloud-based solutions leveraging $2M in philanthropic funding. Separately, this division also invested in Miami-Dade non-profits in efforts like Axis Helps, Center for Black Innovation, Miami EdTech, Code/Art Miami, FIU UPE’s SparkDev.

Gregory started off in tech as an entrepreneur in residence for Miami’s first seed health tech accelerator with UHealth System | Project Lift in 2013. He then advised founders and helped product teams grow revenue through shipping product features as a Data, Product Manager then Technical Program Manager. This led to 2 profitable health information technology companies’ purchases with PxSource in 2016 and Tesser Health in 2019. 

Gregory’s interest in problem-solving with technology and design stems from his work as a community organizer in South Florida for the 2012 Obama Presidential campaign. After advocating for Healthcare Reform he learned about the broken health care system and began supporting health tech startups after the launch of Healthcare.gov. This later led to him advocating for driving better government through Open Data, Data Governance, and Data Interoperability especially in bridging community feedback in the development of digital services.  Gregory founded and serves as Board Chair for Code for South Florida a 501(c)(3) which operates the largest open-source developer community in South Florida dedicated to modernizing local community-based services. In his leadership, Code For South Florida had the highest impact and revenue number since inception.

I enjoy solving problems. After my 9-5, I felt like there were bigger civic technology problems to solve. Over time that led to me building proof of concepts as hardware or software using data as a medium for better decision-making.

Gregory has received various awards and recognition for his efforts to use technology as a tool to build solutions that improve local communities and businesses. In 2015, Miami Caribbean Code awarded him, Young Innovator of the Year, the Casimiro Global Foundation awarded him Social Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2017, he was selected as a New Profit – Millennial Impact Recipient. In 2020, he was on a panel for New America for his collaboration with Miami-Dade College in budgeting. In 2019, he was a Code for America Community for the Affordable Housing project.


Stanford University, J.S.K Fellow

Florida International University, Undergrad – Bachelors | Promo 1Promo 2