Hi, I’m Gregory. I believe technology and design can improve the broken healthcare system and make cities better. 

Gregory Johnson is a Technical Product Manager with 7 years of experience in the enterprise software as a service space specializing in Health Information Technology and Civic Engagement & Technology. He works at Microsoft Cities team where he leads projects for the Civic Innovation Program with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence in Miami. He works with small agile teams to build and deliver digital services through his company EveryLedger.  His experience in local government, health IT, and community-led Gregory to build EveryBenefit to help Cannabis organizations navigate employee benefits and compliance. 

Gregory started off in software quality assurance handling automated testing and unit testing. He then got into product development to build digital services and manage the software development of revenue-generating products. Whether it’s a website, web application, API or enterprise software as a service solution he has experience working with teams to build it.

Gregory’s interest in using technology and design to improve the broken American healthcare system grew out of his experience informing his South Florida community about the Affordable Care Act while serving as a neighborhood team leader for the 2012 Presidential campaign. That’s where he learned first-hand about the broken health care system and saw opportunities to apply technology and design to improve the system. But Gregory’s passion for technology started long before 2012. As a kid, he built and designed online forums. As a teenager, he spent hours in coworking spaces networking in the South Florida Technology community.

I help business scale through use of technology focused on improving customer experience.

Gregory has received various awards and recognition for his efforts to use technology as a tool to build solutions that improve the American healthcare system.  In 2017, he was selected as a New Profit – Millennial Impact Fellow recipient. In 2015, Miami Caribbean Code awarded him, Young Innovator of the Year, the Casimiro Global Foundation awarded him Social Entrepreneur of the Year, and the CEO of Code for America noted him for his Civic Tech work. Gregory also continues serving his community in several mediums through project management work at Code for Miami, teaching kids coding at Code Fever Miami, and being a Civic Innovation Ambassador for Venture Cafe Miami.

How can my services help you solve your business problem?

Acquire More Customers

Engage More End-Users

Analyze Your Data

Customer acquisition is the lifeblood of all businesses. For your business, this could be a website, e-commerce store, or new ways to advertise to get customers. User engagement through features or automation can help you engage customers and users that matter to you. For your business, this could mean a digital service or enterprise software solution built from scratch (or existing solutions).  Data is the new oil and I can help you extract insights into your business or customer data. This could be a simple report, geospatial map or dashboard for your company. 

My work has helped organizations save money and increase revenue. Over the last 6 years, I’ve worked to build various Software as a Service solution in the IT space with talented teams.

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Education – Florida International University, Undergrad – Bachelors of Science, Finance