Hi, I’m Gregory. First-generation American who works as a Leader, Community Builder, and Coder. 

Gregory Johnson is a Civic Technologist & Technical Product Owner with 8 years of experience in the enterprise software space. His work focuses on leveraging cloud computing for social and civic good responsibly. Currently, he works at Microsoft team leading government + non-profit digital transformation with a focus on data governance and cloud computing. He also advises and supports clients on doing data-related work using modern digital strategies through his consulting company. 

Gregory started off in software quality assurance and data-driven marketing in  2013 with a Healthcare Technology Accelerator . He then got into product development to build digital services and manage the software development of revenue-generating products for early-stage startups. 3 startups he has worked for have been acquired. He has worked with teams to deploy almost every type of solutions on the cloud. 

Gregory’s interest in problem solving with technology and design stems from his work as community organizer in South Florida for the 2012 Presidential campaign. After advocating for Healthcare Reform he learned about the broken health care system and supported many Miamis after the launch of Healthcare.gov. Seeing first hand problems led to him advocating for driving better government through Open Data, Data Governance, and Data Interoprability especially in bridging community feedback in the development of digital services for at-risk populations. 

But Gregory’s passion for technology started long before 2012. As a kid, he built and designed online forums. As a teenager, he spent hours in coworking spaces networking in the South Florida technology community.

I help organization doing data-related work understand the impact and create better experiences and data governance practices on the Azure Cloud. 

Gregory has received various awards and recognition for his efforts to use technology as a tool to build solutions that improve local communities and business. In 2019, he was a Code for America Community Fellow for Affordable Housing project. In 2017, he was selected as a New Profit – Millennial Impact Fellow recipient. In 2015, Miami Caribbean Code awarded him, Young Innovator of the Year, the Casimiro Global Foundation awarded him Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Outside of professional work, Gregory leads the largest civic technology network in South Florida, Code for Miami.

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Education – Florida International University, Undergrad – Bachelors

4 years later