Hurricane Evacuation Map


I also encourage you to follow the guidance of local authorities outlined in the resources below:

Why I Built This Map | Know Your Zone

In 2017, Hurricane Irma came here in Miami, Florida. While I looked online I noticed that many news outlets were showcasing static maps to the community. It was difficult for someone who was looking at the static map to determine if they were in the flood zone or when to evacuate. It also didn’t help find evacuation shelter, available parking, or shelters that allowed pets.

See an example of maps shown by outlets below.

Source: Miami Herald


To help address the issues of maps that were static I decided to create an interactive map to touch on the problems I saw. I pulled data from the County and the City on Storm Surge Zones. I then plotted them on a map using the same color scheme. After I collected a list of places for shelters and made a distinction between the ones that allowed pets and the ones that didn’t. I then plotted it on a map that is now publically available.

Originally made in 2017. See the data.