Computer Science Week Plan

Problem: STEM Education provides career opportunities for many in high-paying steady growth professionals. Still, there is a gap of kids who choose these careers especially ones who come from underserved communities. In Miami-Dade County, while many in the school system have Microsoft Education resources many like Minecraft and more are underutilized. Annual events like Computer Science Week and Hour of Code tend to activate students in STEM-based activity but for a limited time. How can we get schools to utilize Microsoft’s tool to empower their students especially underserved ones with engaging STEM content that will lead to them likely choosing STEM careers? 


Objective: We believe that the best way to tackle this problem is to train educators to equip them with tools to utilize Microsoft’s resources and bring engaging content to their students. To validate this idea we are bringing together over 100+ teachers through partnering with non-profit Miami EdTech and working with Microsoft Corporate + Stores to organize for Computer Science week meaningful curriculum with pathways to scale their program beyond an Hour of Code.   

Key Metrics: 

  1. Microsoft Employees Involved (How many / How much)
  2. S500 Partners Involved (How many / Investment Amount)
  3. Money Raised for Non-Profit (Miami EdTech)
  4. Schools Participating (# / How many are in low income areas)
  5. Volunteer Participated  (How many / how much time was contributed?)
  6. Exposure to Microsoft Technology & Resources (What software tools were utilized)


A map of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (click areas to find out more about where this school is)

Next Steps: 

  1. Setup Project Kickoff with Miami EdTech’s Founder (Carlos V.)
  2. Set times, content and location for the project.