Lift1428 & Gregory


Gregory is a dynamic, driven, and persistent individual that readily brings his talents to every endeavor. Having worked on numerous projects with Gregory, it is clear that his work ethic, personality, and desire to succeed make him an invaluable resource to our project and any company in the future.  

 – J. Kevin Tugman, Chief Design Officer

Lift1428 is a Healthcare Research & Marketing Company

As innovators in the Healthcare space, they started a seed accelerator named “Project Lift 2013” which spent a year uniting the brightest innovations to support funding and product development efforts of early-stage companies. The leadership team was comprised of the Business Intelligent Exec of UHealth, founder of acquired firm TrueNorth Custom Star, and head design leader.

The Challenge

As the first seed accelerator to invest in Health-Technology companies in the 2nd largest Health District. Project Lift had resources but a limited time to polish 5 innovative startups and it’s leader for their first launch. I was brought in by the Founder and CEO who interviewed me with the UHealth Exec. They took a bet on me in summer 2013.

My formal role was a Student Entrepreneur in Residence. My duties aligned with learning about building a health tech startup in hopes to be a future funded venture. A part of my role was using acting as a community liaison facilitating events, workshops, and working with the South Florida community to find valuable connections to these businesses. As a team member, I learned about Healthcare Innovation translating what I knew about the Affordable Care Act into business ventures that could win in the market.


Work Contribution

Community Management
Digital Marketing
Business Development


Healthcare Technology & Venture Capital


The Solution: providing introductions and product market fit strategies for early-stage startups

Through highly selectively partnerships and access to resources Project Lift accelerated the early-stage startup into companies ready to face a highly regulated market. My goal was to learn how business, technology, and organizations embraced this in a highly competitive market.

Lift1428’s Project Lift had me operating all their digital media channels and organizing all external facing events across the South Florida Shared Space. We were headquartered at the University of Miami’s Life Science & Technology Center’s Miami Innovation Center. I used this position to interview, gain specifications and conduct user testing on applications for the entrepreneurs that we funded. In exchange, I learned from each entrepreneur about their past and mindset for launching a company.

Lift1428: Design Thinking and Human-Focused Design for Brand Building

A part of my role was to participate in brand development and product design workshops. Supporting the efforts of the lead designer and business intelligence director in marketing research to define product roadmaps and launches for business. Some highlights of my time at the firm were:

  • Through 9 series of workshops and socials, we expanded our brand relations across the South Florida technology community in what we did and who we were.
  • Through digital marketing, we were able to double our following online and more importantly create a strong acquisition channel for the funded startups locking in a pilot program for their business.
  •  We were able to get each product to its version 2 using feedback from customers and stakeholders improving brand and the digital service to match the needs of their market.

The Results:

  • At the end of the cohort, the entrepreneurs were assessed and surveyed on my performance. I got one of the highest ratings out of all the areas they were surveyed on.
  • Through my work an angel investor through a series of conversations decided to write a check and place a small bet on my ability to execute on an idea called Reform101 enabling ACA awareness for millennials.

Gregory is a fast learner who embraced new opportunities and leveraged his knowledge to promote the start-up ecosystem in Miami.

– Robert Chavez, Business Intelligence Exec at UHealth

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