OrthoNOW & Gregory

OrthoNOW Franchise – Project Date: 2014

OrthoNOW is a Network for Urgent Care Centers

OrthoNOW® is a network of specialized urgent care Centers focused on treating the full range of orthopedic and sports medicine injuries and chronic conditions, and provide preventative care, all on a walk-in basis. Injuries we treat include anything related to the foot, ankle, knee, hip, wrist, hand, elbow, shoulder and spine, in addition to pre-concussion testing. We treat aches, breaks, pains, and strains.” – Source: OrthoNOW.com

My role as a IT Professional was to translate the needs of the business to enhance and operate the mobile applications specifically for the mapping feature. I acted as a System Administrator and Product Design Contractor. I lead the administration of the system by adding and monitoring locations. I executed strategies to map out the distinction between IOS and Android design principles to implement a native strategy for the app.

The Challenge

As an Urgent Care Franchise, the VP of Franchise Marketing & Operations needed someone to fill in a role of a System Administrator and Mobile Product Designer to support redesign and maintenance of their first generation application which couldn’t be maintained by their first app development company.


Work Contribution
Product Design
System Administration
Data Analysis
Information Research



The Process:

Providing product guidance and navigation for their Mobile App

Before starting this project, we examined the project needs. We held a kickoff meeting where we went through high-level requirements that outlined the vision, goals, and strategic plans for their mobile application. I understood the needs and limitations of their current application. With this understanding, we mapped out the action plan in terms of my working arrangements.

Some of the goals discovered:

  • Provide a simple interface and experience internally to update the database of centers.
  • Adhere and document best IOS and Android design practices for building a native application.
  • Add new more modern mapping functionality that matched firms like Uber and Lyft functionality/design.

To tap into the role fully I had to spend a day playing around with the system understanding the ins and outs of the program. In addition, handling code reviews for the system built on .NET Development. After a day, I spent time invested in reviewing their database and the graphic user interface which allowed me to touch the locations viewed in-app without needing to make a deployment. Outside of the scope of helping with a redesign proposal I was also asked to keep the information up to date and compliant.

The Solution: 

Save time + money with better design and testing

Compliance and regulation in health care were important for the client. We spent time reviewing the needs and the work we went through. Through status updates and check-ins on work, I provided the following deliverable items through the duration of this contract.

  • Newly designed and documentation guidelines for native application for IOS and Android versions.
  • A measurable way to track users and feedback of the mapping feature using existing SQL Database queries.
  • A simple walk-through for updating the database of retail centers through a Graphical User Interface.

Mobile technology is an innovative approach for Urgent Care Networks to reach patients who are looking for a viable alternative other than Emergency Room. That is why my worked revol,ved around minimizing the time needed to get the information needed.

My work drove results in:

  • Through formalized documentation, the Vice President could now act on using these blueprints to build the next generation app selecting the proper vendor to make the app have a native design improving usage.
  • The business was now able to scale up operations through adding new locations and using geospatial mapping to help users identify which Urgent Care Center was near them.
  • The business now had a a standard graphical user interface for viewing system maintenance and other needs making it less need for a technical worker to oversee simple additions to the application.


*Note my work was an older release. The latest one incorporates new design.

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