Gregory uses best practices and principles of the digital age to help organizations deliver projects.

(Source: Code for America, Delivery-Driven Government)

Since 2012, I’ve worked with hundreds of tech and design industry professionals to help scale their technology and healthcare organizations to serve their customers better. I started in Product Development and Quality Assurance Testing for enterprise software in the healthcare space.

Now I work with companies to speed up software development, improve digital services and scale. Companies contract my software project management services. I strive to bridge the gap between people, technology and organizations to make the business work and serve customers better:


  • Manage systems, databases, and test environments more effectively.
  • Human-centered design for building digital services for the end user.
  • Speed up software development by delivering products and projects reliably to production.
  • Operate digital services measuring customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  • Create software blueprints, prototypes, and business rule documentation ensuring proper procedures.
  • Generate reports for the c-suite and analyze data for tactical strategies.

Learn more about my project work directly with organizations or see case studies of products here.